After a very popular first interview that became the most downloaded episodes of the podcast, I am very excited to have Dr. Davey Alleman on for another 2 episode. Davey is just a wealth of information and really enjoys sharing it. I do my best to keep up and it’s interviews like this that really can change how you practice day to day dentistry. In the last 7-8 months since our first interview (Episode 30 of the Noobie Dentist Podcast), the information and techniques I learned from Davey have really elevated my restorative dentistry skills and techniques. I am sure that you guys will learn a few things as well and I hope that it can impact your thought process and even clinical practice as much as it did for me.

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I have attached some links for download of a couple of recommended papers from Dr. Alleman on my website in the show notes for this episode:

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