This week’s episode is really quite special and something that I personally have never seen been done before. I recorded this week’s interview with Dr. Alex Fibishenko live in the operating room as he was performing an upper and lower arch All on 4 implant procedure. I had the awesome opportunity to retract and suction while performing the interview and the resultant podcast is a true auditory experience. You’ll hear the HR monitor in the background, the suction and handpiece throughout the interview. I spent several hours trying to clean up the loud suction noises as best I could  so I do hope you guys can stick it out and listen to the podcast as Dr. Alex shares a wealth of information. Nonetheless this episode understandably doesn’t have the same sound quality of your typical podcast. This episode will give you the feel of being in theatre standing with us watching the surgery which I doubt you’ll find on any other podcast.

Dr Alex Fibishenko practices exclusively in Oral Implantology, Dento-Facial Surgery and Facial Aesthetics. One of Australia’s most respected implant surgeons, innovators and educators, Dr Fibishenko works in a surgical capacity with selected dentists and specialists. He is founder of All-On-4 Clinic and is a Visiting Faculty at the Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program at NYU College of Dentistry.

For you Australian listeners, Dr. Alex has kindly offered up 2 spots to his implant residency program running October 21-23. We will be running a contest on Instagram so be sure to check out my Instagram page for more details. This course is valued at almost $9000 and is generally not available to Australian dentists so it is an amazing opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s best implant dentists. Good luck and I hope to see the winners there!

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Lastly, I have been working on a large collaborative project with a fellow podcast host and my good friend Dr. David Kier. We have recently launched 4Sight Live which is  a short format live interview series that we will be running on Instagram and facebook and we will also be announcing some exciting news in the coming weeks. Please give us a follow  @4sightdental on Instagram and Facebook  

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